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Computer Science

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Online Coding

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Web Development

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Electrical And Electronics

Robo Formula 1

Technical Quiz

Robo Race


CAD Designing


Bridge Building

Informal Events


Technical Writing

T-shirt Painting

Rules & Regulations

The participant should be in any year of undergraduate or master degree .

Every participant will receive a participation certificate and a box of refreshment.

The fee for event is to be paid at the time of reporting in college.

The coordinator of every event has the right to disqualify any participant found not following the rules or disobeying the orders.

The decision of core committee will be final.

There will be gifts and goodies apart from the cash prize.

Any participant found disrespecting any team member or destroying college property will be disqualified.

Every participant is advised to bring their own laptop for certain events.

Participants can register online and can also register in college .

The registration for every event will be provisional and is to be confirmed at the time of payment.

If in any event the number of participants will be less than 3 it can be cancelled .

Our Faculty Team

Rohit Anand




Anu Saini

Deputy Coordinator

Jayant Supale


Our Student Team

Ravi Kumar Meena


Mohit Phulera


Rajat Kakran

Event Manager

Rahul Yadav

Promotional Head

Ankit Verma

CSE Head


CSE Head


ECE Head

Divya Barwal

ECE Head

Sourav Kumar

Mechanical Head

Vishal Singhal

Mechanical Head

Anshula Nema

Non Tech Head

Darshna Patil

Non Tech Head

Ashish Lakhani

Website Developer

Jasbir Singh

Website Developer

Ashish Kumar

Graphic Designer

Anurag Kumar Shukla

Graphic Designer

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